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Second Annual Digital Convergence Conference

    It was a privilege to co-chair again at the 2nd annual Digital Convergence Conference in New York this week hosted by the Outsourcing Institute (OI) and the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA). 

    Here are some key takeaways from our outstanding industry speakers, panelists and moderators:

    • There is no straight road to digital transformation. There are many twists and turns, challenges and changes along the way. Top to bottom alignment and persistence are key to progress.
    • Getting all your data to the cloud has had tremendous benefits but it’s what we do with it now that will be game changing – feeding analytics and fueling machine learning.
    • A year ago we talked about RPA as an entry point to Intelligent Automation. Now we are seeing organizations go straight to AI when the business challenge calls for data analysis and decision making.
    • Blockchain is a team sport. You can go fast alone, but it’s better to go slow together.
    • On emerging technologies- think rapid, continuous innovation. Better to fail fast, as in POC’s, than to take two weeks!

    Thank you again to all who attended. We hope to see you at AI NY on Thursday, November 29th.

    Click here for further information on the upcoming conference.