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OPEX 2018 Conference

    Thank you to all the outstanding speakers and to our participants at the #OPEXExchange at the lovely Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA!

    Themes that emerged:

    • The remarkable new capabilities of intelligent automation, analytics and the internet of things have fast become essential components in the transformation toolkit. To leverage this power requires a deep understanding of process.
    • But as cool as these new technologies are it is still all about people, the customers we serve, the employees that design and deliver service.
    • We empower people with the ability to see the work, and the waste and take action to continuously improve.
    • We engage them in an environment that is respectful, rewarding and fun! We connect with and motivate people by sharing stories that touch them emotionally, and by really listening.
    • Excellent cultures provide excellent service.

    So as we realize the dazzling possibilities of digital, the power of WHOA!, it has never been more important to ensure we are clear on the WHY?, the compelling vision that gives us purpose, the mission that defines who we are and what we do.  #analytics #automation #RPA #operationalexcellence #process #customerexperience