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Socially Responsible Automation

    Those who study human history and those making it as they invent our digital future are similarly struggling with the question how will the rise of machine intelligence change the world of human work.  Yes new jobs are being created and ones not yet imagined are sure to come.  But as machines move up the learning curve more and more types of work will shift to being performed by bots and work still done by humans will be transformed, digitally augmented, performed side by side with digital teammates. 

    • Optimists point to a future where new found leisure liberates us to be more creative, engaging more with each other. 
    • Pessimists warn of a world where without some sort of universal basic income current disparity could soar to unprecedented levels.

    We have always been remarkable tool makers but too often our facility with technology outpaces our understanding of the impact of its use. How will we reinvent ourselves as digital talent takes its place next to us in the workplace? 

    In our work at Globe North we believe smart, socially responsible automation requires deep understanding of the human impact of change.