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Digital BPO Innovations Conference


    The Digital BPO Innovations Conference being held in October in New York City is newly re-focused around the impact of Digital on BPO, to help industry leaders get together to discuss and strategize how the industry is rapidly evolving and enabling organizations to transform into digital enterprises. With a focus on the next wave of innovative technology trends and business models, this conference provides a beacon for sourcing and business executives to make strategic decisions and enable successful business outcomes.

    “Digital transformation is not just a challenge to the BPO market, it is a tremendous new lever. As consumers we see every day the power of converging internet, data and mobile technologies to change our lives. We expect that power to be harnessed to re-imagine work within and between businesses. Exciting new avenues are opening up for providers and clients to collaborate together, altering the ecosystems in which they operate – offering value not previously possible. The companies that best leverage these opportunities will achieve clear strategic advantage.”

    – Gregory North, President of Globe North, LLC, conference Co-Chair

    Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Outsourcing Institute President Daniel Goodstein for a virtual chat about trends in today’s BPO market, what digital disruption and transformation represent as challenges and opportunities for BPO clients and providers, and suggestions to maximize the potential for success at this key moment in the evolution of BPO.

    To watch – click here:

    Key points from the interview:

    • Lines are blurring between what we have traditionally called BPO and digital transformation.  There is no one metric tracking deal volume or growth rates, which vary radically from lower in areas like Call Center Outsourcing to higher in BPO cloud analytics and BPaaS.
    • Believe the hype.  The level of transformation we are seeing as consumers is becoming an expectation within and across businesses.  We do have to be careful to understand how we want to use those levers, to achieve a true strategic advantage.
    • Providers need to focus to win, gaining deep industry experience and investing in innovation to achieve breakthroughs on key business opportunities.
    • Clients need to get clear on their strategy and how their processes are or not fully capable of enabling that strategy.  Then they need to determine which processes need to radically change, to transform, in order to gain market leadership or disrupt market leaders.


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