Optimize or Automate?

How RPA is redefining Rapid Cycle Improvement Do you optimize first or dive right into automation?  To most the answer is obvious. It isn’t. Recently I chaired a Process Excellence conference for the OPEX Exchange in San Diego where leading companies from Financial Services, Pharma, Healthcare and other industries as well as BPM providers and top… Read More »Optimize or Automate?

Process Led Automation

Process Led Automation Making Digital Transformation Work for You and Your CustomersDigital transformation is dramatically transforming the landscape of business process outsourcing.  Automating out manual work in services the way manufacturing automated assembly lines offers the prospect of reducing variation, increasing velocity, reducing cost and improving quality – all at the same time. The “robots”… Read More »Process Led Automation

Vanderbilt on Digital Disruption

Cornelius Vanderbilt’s success as an entrepreneur is legendary, but our interest in him should be more than historic. Vanderbilt’s approach to long term strategy during a period of rapid technological change represents a free “How To” guide for business leaders in today’s Age of Digital Disruption. Taking a page from Vanderbilt’s book can help us… Read More »Vanderbilt on Digital Disruption

Straight-through Processing: Lean transaction flow comes of age

STP Defined Straight through processing (STP) are transactions executed without human intervention within or across entities. Lean process design combined with enabling technologies have allowed data to be relayed across systems without re-keying, reducing time to process in some cases from days to seconds. Although not limited to financial services the term is often associated with… Read More »Straight-through Processing: Lean transaction flow comes of age

Smart Process and Automation

Process complexity limits the potential of business transformation.  It’s smart to simplify before you invest to automate. Learn more here Smart Process & Automation The idea of automating business processes dates back to the early days of computing.  Technologies like RPA and Cognitive are based on open source code that any organization can leverage.  What… Read More »Smart Process and Automation

Value Stream Mapping event for New York State Lean

Republished from Gregory North’s LinkedIn article: here Read the award-winning success story of this initiative: Last month New York State Lean took its award-winning program to new heights during a session in which more than eighty teams from agencies across state government worked in parallel to generate one hundred and fifteen value stream maps – in less than two hours!  I… Read More »Value Stream Mapping event for New York State Lean