Digital Transformation

Wrong turns on the Digital Transformation Journey

8 Common Wrong Turns made in Digital Transformation: Mistaking deploying digital technology for having a digital strategy Limiting focus of automation initiatives to cost reduction and scale, missing the opportunity to enhance the customer experience Assuming digital is about one capability, like RPA, instead of recognizing power of digital mashups to transform an end to… Read More »Wrong turns on the Digital Transformation Journey

Process Led Automation

Process Led Automation Making Digital Transformation Work for You and Your CustomersDigital transformation is dramatically transforming the landscape of business process outsourcing.  Automating out manual work in services the way manufacturing automated assembly lines offers the prospect of reducing variation, increasing velocity, reducing cost and improving quality – all at the same time. The “robots”… Read More »Process Led Automation

Vanderbilt on Digital Disruption

Cornelius Vanderbilt’s success as an entrepreneur is legendary, but our interest in him should be more than historic. Vanderbilt’s approach to long term strategy during a period of rapid technological change represents a free “How To” guide for business leaders in today’s Age of Digital Disruption. Taking a page from Vanderbilt’s book can help us… Read More »Vanderbilt on Digital Disruption