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Digital transformation has fast become a required element of every organization’s strategy – both to capitalize on exciting new opportunities and to avoid digital disruption.

At Globe North we believe digital transformation is a continuous cycle requiring agile, rapid innovation.  Winning solutions begin with a focus on creating new value, require strong process insight and leverage state-of-the-art technology to transform performance and customer experience.   Key to success is harnessing the power of data to anticipate customer needs and facilitate machine learning.  The pace of evolving digital capabilities requires building capabilities, competencies and capacity within organizations and across ecosystems.

Our Innovation & Digital Transformation Offerings

We have helped organizations develop and deploy Innovation in your organizations. In addition, we leverage the latest toolkit to enable your Digital Transformation agenda.

Innovation Strategy

We have helped companies develop their Innovation Strategy, build an operating model to nurture and prioritize a pipeline of innovation opportunities, and deploy processes to rapidly prototype and pilot various innovations within an organization.

When developing the Innovation Strategy for our clients, we pay careful attention to building an organizational culture that sustains continuous innovation.

Digital Transformation

At Globe North we help organizations surface and address several key questions and challenges in the design, launch & optimization of their digital transformation initiatives.

We also employ leading technologies in our toolkit to execute the Digital Transformation Strategies. Some of the projects we have delivered have utilized:

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Data & Analytics, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Key questions we ask when shaping the Digital Transformation Agenda:

Digital Landscape – What are the latest developments in digital capabilities?  How are these being leveraged to transform your industry or in other industries with similar processes?  How well are you positioned to capitalize on these developments?

Transformation Roadmap – What could your customer’s and employees experience look like in a digitally transformed world?  What tools in the digital toolkit will be needed to get you there?  What internal competencies and external partnerships are required?

Strategy Execution – How are digital initiatives governed? Do you need a Digital Center of Excellence?  How are you engaging your customers and employees in your digital journey?  What is your scheme for benefit realization?

Preparing your organization for Digital Transformation?

To get started, read our article on why Digital Business requires rethinking an industry, not just your business. You can also schedule a free briefing to assess your digital transformation readiness.